Our Community

Every Friday is Tenants Appreciation Day 


To honor our long term loyal tenants.  We have set aside Fridays between 2:00 pm- 4:00 pm

in front lobby area where our tenants will find snacks, or brunch or free gifts.  Come by and check it out.

CEO Business Centers is a community for those hard-working entrepreneurs.  We are very proud to host the diversity of the different types of businesses on our website.


Our hosting is available to all our community members.  Please feel free to send us your company photos, data sheets, video links or website addresses, and we will present them to as many as possible.

Email link or questions to: info@ceobusinesscenters.com

Lilac Property Management                                          www.lilacmg.com

Landscape and Maid Service                                        www.lilacmaids.com

Ausdia                                                                             www.ausdia.com

En Acte                                                                            www.enacte.org

Supreme Companions                                                   www.supremecompanions.net

Altoros                                                                            www.altoros.com

Bremn                                                                              www.bremn.com

Reliable Locksmiths SJ                                                 www.reliablelocksmithsj.com

Bella Rose Waxing                                                          www.bellarosewaxing.net

Rising Sun Center for Opportunity                                www.risingsunopp.org